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Telstra Smarter

Smarter Business Ideas is Telstra’s thought leadership platform for Australian small businesses. It’s the first and only site in Australia that aggregates professional advice, inspiring case studies, practical tips and relevant tools to help small businesses succeed.

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The Problem

Telstra has a dominant share of the small business market (80 per cent) but only a small share of wallet. Only 41 per cent of business customers have more than one Telstra product.

After years of relentless cross selling, revenue growth stalled as the effectiveness of the existing program diminished.

Our challenge was to identify a new (and sustainable) approach to grow multi-product holdings but also give small businesses the confidence they need to keep doing what they do best.

Telstra Smarter Website

The Solution

After deciphering old and new data, we identified that small businesses have a scarcity of time and some significant knowledge gaps. To service this need we created Smarter – a content marketing platform that tracks user behaviour across an ecosystem of online and offline assets including search, dotcom, email, mail and magazine. 

Telstra Smarter - Mobile View

Our Approach

Through a methodology we call Content Darwinism, we developed content across three path-to-purchase stages (catch, connect, convert), talking to the top five customer pain point clusters – money, leadership, technology, customer and marketing. 

Customer Reaction

A new age marketing platform, Smarter balances value for the user against value for the brand.

As a data prospecting tool, the platform has revived Telstra’s growth program and transformed it into a high performing asset, delivering increasing month on month traffic.


“Using our content performance scoring algorithm, we continue to refine the content strategy to deliver more of what small businesses want - free advice in exchange for valuable data”

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