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NRMA Safety Hub

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The Problem

Insurance is designed to only be useful after people experience disaster. When lives have been devastated and people are already surfing serious emotional and psychological distress.


The Solution

NRMA, Australia’s leading insurance company wanted to do more than just help people get back on their feet after the disaster. So we helped them redesign the entire insurance category to prevent disasters altogether. Together we launched the NRMA Safety Hub app.



Our Approach

Using millions of dollars in claims money normally used to pay out after the disaster, Safety Hub paid people for being safer.

We used 90 years of NRMA insurance experience and recent claims data to pinpoint homes most at risk of disaster. Then invited 156,000 high-risk Australians to download the app and participate in a program designed reduce their risk. Surprisingly, we found the greatest risks to Australian homes are easily preventable, like replacing aging $8 flexi hoses, clearing out clogged gutters, trimming overhanging branches, and replacing fire safety equipment.

We then designed a series of safety tasks which were served up based on the user’s risk profile data. Each time one was completed we paid them in cash for reducing their risk. It’s the first time insurance has rewarded customers for safety, not for tenure or number of policies held.


The Safety Hub has seen unprecedented levels of customer satisfaction.

“NRMA is the most proactive insurer in Australia with features like this”.

“No other insurer is actively involved in helping their customers”.

“I feel more valued as a customer instead of just another number”.

Most importantly, thousands of Australian homes are now safer.

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