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Inconvenience Stores

Swann Insurance is Australia’s leading motorcycle insurance specialist. As a champion for riders everywhere, Swann believe that bikes should be enjoyed as much as possible. With bikes across the country standing idle, we decided to give Aussie motorcyclists another reason to ride.

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The Problem

Australia is home to some of the best motorcycle rides in the world. Yet despite having the most amazing rides in their backyard, Aussies were only getting on their bikes twice a month. Beyond providing riders with specialist cover, Swann Insurance wanted to give them the ultimate excuse to open the throttle.

Head-on rider

The Solution

We’ve all ‘popped out to get the milk’ at one time or another. It’s a quick trip that typically lasts a matter of minutes. Turning this everyday errand into an epic adventure, we opened Inconvenience Stores at the end of Australia’s best rides. Stocked with our own brand of Inconvenient Products, getting the milk, meant getting on your bike for hours (in some cases days).

Our Approach

Created purely for riders, the Inconvenience Store brand was born. Thousands of units of milk, chocolate and toilet paper were produced, each offering a discount off a Swann Insurance policy. As Inconvenience Stores began opening in different states across the country, our TV ad announced them to the nation. With google maps and inconvenient outdoor showing the furthest routes, riders soon hit the road. From entire clubs, to celebrities, enthusiasts and casual riders, all types on all kinds of bikes began going great distances to grab the milk (some even interstate). PR and social soon followed, ensuring our ‘inconvenient’ message reached the masses.

Customer Reaction

With the products in each store all gone in just over four weeks, more riders were getting their bikes out of the garage. And the numbers for Swann grew substantially, with a significant increase in social engagement, leads and YOY revenue.

-Social engagement up 284%
-Leads up by 22%
-Revenue up 52.6% YOY

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