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We built a bespoke tool that harvested the data from over 100,000 static ad listings and turned them into one-of-a-kind car ads, all without the sellers having to lift a finger.

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The Problem

Carsales is Australia’s leading online classifieds platform. While online technology had evolved, the way people sold their cars hadn’t.

The Solution

We launched a campaign that gave every seller on their very own one-of-a-kind car ad. It was called carsales AutoAds.


Our Approach

We created a first of its kind cloud-based platform that used sellers' first party car listing data and merged it with over 5000 pre-recorded audio and visual clips to give every seller a one-of-a-kind car ad.

With over 1.2 trillion possibilities, no two ads were ever the same. Without any effort on their part, sellers received an email with five unique commercials to choose from: Luxury, Family, Adventure, City and Tough.


In the first week 435,215 unique car ads were generated, with thousands more generated every day. The sheer number of ads uploaded temporarily broke a major social platform’s API.

The ads also ran on TV with paid media, giving second-hand cars a chance against new cars.

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