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Close up with Sam & Cam

by CHE Proximity

We solve problems. But we try and solve them in the most creative way possible.

Wait… is that a wanky thing to say? We’re an Art Director and Copywriter team and have a serious creative romantic spark.

Sam started as a graphic designer but got bored pretty quickly. Then someone let him work in advertising and he’s been trying not to look like an imposter ever since.

We work across all the brands and try and come up with cool ways to sell their products and services. Usually it happens over a bunch of paper, coffee and wine.

We take a brief and go as wide and weird as possible, then we boil it down to stuff that’s not shit, then refine. It can sometimes take a week or two days. We just try not to limit ourselves because even shit ideas can turn into good ideas… eventually.

We have a dainty expression for this process; ‘the fu#$ing together of ideas’.

There are a lot of go-to’s that inspire us. I’ve recently got into Bell Hooks. She’s an academic, but an amazing feminist as well. I’ve been devouring her work. Her thoughts and the way she expresses herself… wait is that a bit wanky too?

Sam draws a lot of inspiration from comedians. They have the most unique ability to draw relatable insights from life. And that’s our job as well, to draw out human insights but the difference is, we have to say, Drink Coke at the end.

Our work coats the entire customer journey. It’s fine to have all of these components of advertising but if they aren’t brushed with some of sort of emotion or narrative, they can be pretty functional and boring.

Our job is to bring colour and life to the entire journey.

In creativity there’s always an easy way to just stop and say this is perfect. We love that our cultural philosophy is there for us to embrace imperfection. Run toward the fire is a constant reminder not to be complacent. It’s about shaking off this complacency and be bolder, harsher and be more brilliant.

No idea is ever fully cooked. It’s hard to force yourself to keep going, to do another hour, but there’s always a way to make things better because nothing is ever perfect.

Nothing at all.

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