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Close Up with Matthew Turley

by CHE Proximity

Matthew Turley
I’m a CGI content creator. If you’re driving down the road and you see a billboard for a Mazda, it’s probably been made on our computers. If you play around with the 3D rotations on the Mazda websites, that’s all us too.

I loved to draw as a kid. I loved drawing rockets and stuff and playing guitar – so I did a BA in guitar and fine art. I wasn’t really making life choices commensurate with making money to live by so I started to learn the Adobe suite of software.

I worked for free for six or eight weeks at the start of my career as a retoucher and illustrator. It all went from there, really. We realised pretty quick that we needed to get with the times and create 3D stuff, and I’ve been creating digital environments ever since.

I’m like a cross between a poor man’s architect and a digital impressionist.

I have people in history I admire. I can probably take a quote from an American Civil War general and make it work for CG. The main thing is that nobody gives a shit if you chuck it in. They’ll only remember if you push through to greatness.

We’re always looking for ways we can evolve. At the end of the day we want to better the experience for the customer and impress the shit out of the client. The key is to harness these bursts of energy – in software or thoughts – to make it fun for ourselves and sell more product.

We’re interested in the big picture: the stuff that’s going to continue to push the boundaries. We don’t jump at everything.

But what defines me is whatever’s going on around me. I live in the moment. I’m not an existentialist, but every moment counts. If you’re not yourself, not feeling good – go do some pushups. Get some fresh air. Go for a run. Natural endorphins’ll get you going again. I’m a big believer in exercise.

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