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CHE Proximity | Staff Development

by B&T Magazine

CHE Proximity staff
CHE Proximity (CHEP) boasts a ‘run towards the fire’ ethos that puts their heart into ensuring employees are satisfied in their career.

CHEP subscribes to the Harvard service-profit-chain theory, which draws a link between employee satisfaction, customer loyalty and profitability, and sees CHEP invest one per cent of their annual revenue into staff training.

“While some agencies might ask, ‘What happens if we train them and they leave’, we ask ourselves, ‘What if we don’t train them and they stay?’” says Andrew Drougas, chief operating officer at CHE Proximity.

CHEP divides staff training into three buckets; technical skills, peer and professional interaction, and interpersonal skills. These areas see various budgets allocated to educational events and training sessions, as well as things like resilience training and peer-to-peer coaching.

“At the end of the year, staff need to have a CHEP Certification, which means across decentralised, centralised and the train the trainer programs, you have to have done at least six modules across the year,” Drougas explains.

Interestingly, one of their six training sessions much be something that’s not directly related to an employee’s role or skillset.

“In large organisations, people get lost in their own worlds and lose appreciation for the roles everybody else plays in the output of the work,” Drougas says. “This approach builds a more collaborative environment because once you understand what someone does you have more appreciation and respect for it.”

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