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Awards, awards, awards

by CHE Proximity

Confetti at a concert
We’re pretty excited. This year Mumbrella kicked open a new chapter in the CHEP history books by nominating us for six of their 2017 awards. That’s right, six.

After a year of late nights, hard work and insane growth as an agency, it’s great to be recognised for our immense efforts. This year, we’ve been lucky enough to be shortlisted by Mumbrella for six industry awards, recognising not just our work, but our efforts as an agency as well.

Not only have we been shortlisted for Specialist Agency of the Year, but for the first time ever we’ve been honoured with a nomination for Creative Agency of the Year. This is a reflection of not just our output as a digital agency, but of our work as an industry leader. 

And we’re pretty damn stoked about it. 

Mumbrella has also shortlisted us for insight, data-driven marketing, and user experience awards across some of our major projects. Showing that our efforts to break new ground in each of these areas is really catching people’s attention. 

I guess we’ve been doing some things right.

Last but not least, we’ve also been recognised for our people. The Mumbrella Award for Culture recognises positive and high-achieving workplaces across media and marketing. To be shortlisted, we had to prove how much we love our people – and how much they love us.

Turns out CHEP is a bit of a love fest.

Thanks Mumbrella!

Read the 2017 Mumbrella Awards shortlist here.

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